Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Florida 2014

The end of July, my parents took my kids to Florida to visit many sites. They told us we could tag along if we would like. The week was very busy and quite tiring. The trip started out at Magic Kingdom. Having two girls, we were quite excited to start visiting princesses. Of course, the rides were fun too. We even convinced my mom to go on Splash Mountain again. Elayna was borderline height on many rides, but was able to go on Splash Mountain. We ended the trip at Epcot. It was nice to finally get to see Spaceship Earth from the inside!


The second day of the trip wasn't quite as long. We went to Kennedy Space Center and learned about many Apollo missions. Quite interesting to learn about the events of the past. We often hear of the success, but we rarely hear of the failures. The history of it all was quite impressive.
Day three we made it over to Universal Studios. With Diagon Alley opening up at the beginning of July, I was extremely excited to get there.  I wanted Hannah to understand my excitement, so I gave her the first book to read. She devoured it in less than three days and was also extremely excited to go. She even opted for a Hermione wand as her souvenir. We bought VIP Express Passes and were able to enter at 6:00am...although we didn't know it. We thought we would have to enter at 8. However, we took the early bus over anyways, and at 6:45 we walked through the gates! As we marched with the hundreds of other Harry Potter fans, we reached Diagon Alley to a small 30 minute wait. Once inside, we kept with the crowd and waited another 2 hours to ride their brand new ride Escape from Gringotts! Elayna was about a half inch taller than the minimum, so we were all able to enjoy it.
After the initial morning Harry Pottering, we spent the rest of the day utilizing our express passes and bypassing the long lines. Most of the rides were 3D and Elayna truly enjoyed it! She actually started screaming at the top of her lungs when she thought that we were truly falling from a building in the transformers ride. Very convincing effects. Hannah, Ed, and dad were able to enjoy some of the roller coasters they have at Universal while Elayna, mom, and I explored Dr. Seuss land.

Days 4 and 5 were a little more laid back. Wednesday,  Ed, dad, and I went fishing for Red Fish and Sea Trout. It was a slow morning, but we eventually started catching some. They put up a decent fight. We were able to keep many of them for dinner although most were too big. I guess there are worse things than catching fish that are too big. On Thursday, we took an airboat tour to look for alligators. We actually saw four in the wild. They were only about 1.5-2 feet tall, but still cool to see.

 After fishing and the boat tour, we went down to the pools to relax. Once again, not being allowed to get in the pool, I was able to just chillax on the side of the pool and take some photos. The water was rather nice and the kids loved the opportunity to relax and just swim.

Here are a couple of other pictures that I liked, but couldn't find a place to put them. These are from the entire week, including the initial plane ride.

July 4th

Well, it certainly has been a while since I have posted. I started using facebook as a place to put photos, but decided I should start keeping the blog up to date. Here are some 4th of July photos. It was quite low key. Mom came to town to help out around the house. Only ten days out of surgery, I was pretty inactive. I think I kind of liked being the photographer for the water fight, although, I did get hit by a stray water balloon. Afterwards, we started playing with the fireworks. Ours seemed significantly inadequate compared to the neighbors mortars. Our most enjoyable one was the poo pooing puppy...sad really. We actually just sat in the yard watching all the mortars go up around us.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ryan at Bat

Last night we went to watch Ryan and Amy's team play. When we showed up, Amy was not there. After all these years of playing volleyball, I believe there are less than 5 photos of me. So, I spent the time capturing moments of Ryan!
With my new camera, I was able to catch Ryan throughout his swing without the ball being a big blur! Now I need to get to another game to capture Amy!
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

First 5K

June 8 marked the day of my first 5K. The girls and I had been walking the river daily (~2.5 miles) and decided that a 5K shouldn't be much harder to accomplish. We grabbed the whole family and off we went. Elayna and Hannah saw that it was race and immediately started running after the pack of runners...It took us almost a mile to catch up to both of them. With Elayna's legs being so small, she ended up running the entire thing...Hannah ran about half of it, and Ryan, Amy and I ended up running about a third of it (mainly trying to keep up with the kids!) Mom and dad kept a steady pace the entire time and finished strong. It was a great experience for all of us and lots of fun! Here are to more 5K's in the future! Thanks Susie for posting the link to this race on-line!
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Coffee and Fishing!

We are spending most of the month of June in Idaho Falls. Throughout the month, I hope to keep the kids continually busy and active. Since Grr retired, he has been going fishing every Friday morning. The girls and I tagged along this time. Before heading to the fishing hole, we stopped for a coffee...or Italian Soda in the girls' case. The key to a good fishing hole is getting there early! Elayna had her limit (2) and both Hannah and I had one fish landed before dad had his pole put together. Needless to say, he decided to use Elayna's Barbie pole to fish out the rest of the morning. Hannah eventually got her second fish and dad finally got one.
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